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7G - Gadgets & E-Cig

Authorized dealer of top quality e-cigs, liquids, top of the range Mobile accessories, phones and high tech gadgets.

Who Are We?

About 7G


We are among the fastest growing E-cig, Mobile phone, Accessories and Tech Gadget Chain, in the London United Kingdom that focuses on the sales, distribution and development of E-Cig technology and high-tech gadgets. In a nutshell, we promote technology in the field of Mobiles and E-Cig.

Our shops and cig bars are designed to provide our customers with high quality e-cig accessories like refills, batteries and e-cigarettes. We also stock high tech gadgets including, mobile accessories, new and used phones, laptops and gaming consoles. We offer mobile and laptop repairing with service gurateee.

The 7G team is passionate about our industry and the customers we serve. Customer centric service and quality products are the hallmark of our culture. We love this industry and the community we serve!


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Our Stuff

E-Cig & Accessories


Electronic Cigarettes

At 7G Gadgets personalization is key and we want to make sure you are always in control of your vape experience.


E-Cig Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available to compliment your vape asperience at 7G



We have high quality e-liquids with different nicotine strength and size available in our stores.


E-Cig Starter Kit

At VaporFi personalization is key and we want to make sure you are always in control of your vape experience.

Mobile & Accessories


Mobile Phones

At 7G Gadgets we stock a wide range of mobile phones whether you are looking for something basic or a Smartphone, new or used.


Phone Accessories

We have accessories to work with all kind of Smartphone models our range includes chargers, headphone, cables and etc.


Mobile Cases

Bright, vibrant, high quality mobile phone cases to protect your phones from daily wear and tear.


Phone repairing

There is nothing worse then going through a day without your dear phone, we have our in-house engineers to repair your mobile phone while you wait